3 Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Christian Private School

Many Christian parents who prefer to send their children to private schools might wonder whether to enroll these children in Christian schools. For most children, their school environment during the formative years influences their physical, social, emotional, and psychological development. Christian private schools might present an attractive environment to foster this development in for the following three reasons.

1. Biblically Centered Curriculum

Christian private education builds its curriculum upon biblical principles which focus on teaching children to understand the world from God's perspective. By teaching students about God's creation, they can learn to appreciate their role as stewards in the world. The students can start to explore what they might want to do with their lives to make the world a better place for God's creation.

Some of the principles emphasized in the Christian private education curriculum also include learning to genuinely love people, regardless of whether they are family or friends. These biblical principles teach children the value of treating people respectfully and fairly, training them to be responsible adults.

2. Holistic Education

While children learn concepts from subjects such as art, languages, and science in school, it is important for children to be well rounded physically and spiritually. Although a child could learn how to play a sport or an instrument or learn a language from a traditional school, a Christian school helps a child to grow spiritually by teaching prayer and Bible studying skills.

This holistic education is important in helping children understand themselves as they grow and develop interests. By learning that God who created them is a higher being, the children can learn to look to God for spiritual support on their journey of physical, cognitive, and emotional growth.

3. Christian Peer and Teacher Influence

At a Christian private school, your child would probably find other children from Christian homes with whom to connect and build community. By having friends who are also learning to build God's kingdom in various ways, your child can have a support system in times of uncertainty. These friends would also probably have similar values and provide a system of accountability.

The teachers at a Christian private school are also tasked with helping students grow in their belief, faith, and value system and can encourage the students as needed. With a curriculum that emphasizes prayer time, students and teachers can connect at much deeper levels with a shared belief in God.